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Motorway Ads FAQ's

Q. What type of company benefits from Motorway Adverts?

A. Historically it’s been the larger national companies who have led the way with mobile advertising, however many smaller companies are now realising and reaping the rewards of this powerful advertising medium.

Q. Do you advertise anywhere?

A. We have trailer adverts at locations all across the UK but if you want to target a specific area then please contact us and we can send our team to investigate the area to find a suitable location.

Q. Does my advert have to be on the motorway?

A. No, motorways have such a high volume of traffic which is why some of our clients choose them, we also cater for smaller clients who are trying to pull in local traffic to a showroom or inform them of upcoming events or developments. If you have an area you would like to target please contact us.

Q. Are there any contracts?

A. We offer a discount to clients who sign up to a minimum 3 month contract

Q. Is this a legal way to advertise?

A. Yes, no laws are being broken by advertising on our trailers, however some councils do not agree with trailer adverts but we do not place advertising trailers in such areas.

Q. How Long does it take to get my advert seen?

A. From a confirmed order and receipt of your banner or artwork we expect a turnaround of less than 5 days.

Q. What happens to my banners when the campaign has finished?

A. The banner is your property and can be collected from our Huddersfield office.

Please feel free to call to discuss any questions you may have on 0789 33 34567